Advokat (H) Jackie Phillip er i morgen tirsdag den 18/5 gæstetaler hos Optilon.

Den danske organisation Optilon hjælper virksomheder i de nordiske lande med at blive de mest konkurrencedygtige i verden! Der er 500 tilmeldte allerede, det foregår online.


The Danish organisation Optilon help companies in the Nordic countries become the most competitive in the world.

Supreme Court lawyer Jackie Phillip will this Tuesday give a speech to 500 Nordic business owners and Board members about his new book, “Fremtidens Bestyrelse” – How he sees The Board of the future.

How will your Company become the most competitive in the world? One of the keywords is, stay in control and optimize your business with an end-to-end approach to Supply Chain planning. Think of your approach to planning as a “cockpit”.

Ever wondered what pilots are doing in the cockpit of the airplane? Before pilots take off, they have planned their journey ahead and counted in the different variables that could affect the planned journey.

They have planned and practiced for different scenarios that could take place and what actions they require. Visibility, decision-making, and actions based on the latest information from various sources are how they, the pilots, stay in control.

By replacing the airplane with a business, the planning of a journey with a business plan, and the physical journey with a physical flow of products, one suddenly realizes that the business should have access to this kind of “cockpit technology” to stay in control.

With this brand-new book, you learn about and get a lot of tools, to run your business for even more success. You will learn a lot about strategy and we will pinpoint the future global megatrends, which you have to have in consideration when you run a business or is a member of the board, we call it The Board of the future, in a better and more future secure version 2.0.

In the speech we will also talk a little about one of the best Board educations in the Nordic Countries; Board Institute; which is a Board education and a part of Jackie Phillip & Co. Law Firm.

At Board Institute we just published this new book; The Board of the Future;

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